Your jewelry has been made with great care so that it can stand the test of time. Regardless of their value or material to ensure their durability over time as much as possible, you can follow the following tips:

Store your jewelry separately in their original packaging as metals and stones can be engraved when they come in contact with each other. Do not bring your jewelry in contact with any cleaning or other chemical and be careful with the use of perfumes. We recommend that you avoid direct contact of the products with water, cologne, lotion, etc. Our products do not contain the chemical elements: Nickel, Cadmium, Lead. Stainless steel jewelry has strong resistance to wear due to exposure to water or moisture. All you need is gentle cleaning with a soft cloth as the stainless steel does not oxidize or tarnish.

We recommend disinfecting (eg with a little alcohol) the pins / hooks / earrings every time before using them. Whether old or new, gold / platinum or bijoux. Remember that one of the most common contaminants is our own hands! You can also put a little alcohol in your earlobes (before and / or after using the earrings) and you will say goodbye to any discomfort!